October 22- 26, 2007: Evolution of a Sustainable Society featuring EcoCharge

17 10 2007

Join the Evolution of a Sustainable Society @ The Art Institute of Portland: Oct. 22 – 26, 2007. In an effort to bring further attention to the importance of conservation and preservation of our local and global resources, The Art Institute of Portland will be hosting Environmental Awareness Week. This week long event will feature forward thinking community speakers, hosting a sustainable living fair with several exhibitors, and screening significant and impassioned films devoted to environmental awareness.

To attend this event , visit
The Art Institute of Portland @
1122 NW Davis St. Portland, OR 97209

Schedule of events

The Evolution of a Sustainable Society will be featuring EcoCharge – a free standing module that uses renewable energy to charge portable electronic devices. EcoCharge is the classic example of finding a new way to solve an existing problem. In an earlier post, I explored the idea of using renewable energy to charge cell phones.

“Imagine you’re traveling and your charger is packed away in your suitcase, you have less than a bar left on your phone, a two hour layover at the airport and at least 5 phone calls to make between now and the time your plane takes off. It’s a challenge just to find an electrical outlet to plug your laptop into, much less a space to charge your cellphone (one that includes the charger itself!).”

The EcoCharge concept has grown to in include charging services for cell phones, PDA’s and laptops – all while using renewable energy sources. Below are some samples of the brand collateral that have been developed to date.


ecocharge machine details

ecocharge machine mock up with detailed view


ecocharge website mock up by Kristin Wall

ecocharge website mock up


ecocharge print advertisement by Kristin Wall

ecocharge print advertisement II by Kristin Wall

ecocharge print advertisements


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