Power of the Blog!

21 11 2007

I’ve received numerous comments in response to my recent experience with Washington Mutual and I’d like to respond with additional thoughts & feedback for those who are having a similar experience.

It’s extremely frustrating to go head to head with a massive corporation with substantial resources. One person, one voice trying to gain traction and cut through the corporate “red tape”- it’s impossible, right? WRONG.

With the growing popularity of social media & the focus shifting from appealing to the masses to focusing on the “individual” – you and I now have a voice that can’t be stifled. It’s no longer about strength in numbers. It’s about empowering the individual & making authentic connections with others who have similar interests, values & beliefs. Social media has changed the rules of “engagement” and it’s forced a lot of bullies off their soapbox. Online reputation is critical. It can quickly leverage a brand’s image. Or it has the power to send it down in flames – all with a few blog posts, forum discussions & emails.

Use the power of social media (blogs, forums, online communities, bookmarking etc.) to your advantage & see what happens…

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One response

14 12 2007
laid off wamu employee

I was laid off from washington mutual this last monday. they are asking us to work until jan. 31/08. As expected it has pretty lax around the call center seeing that everyone including the managers have just been fired by wamu, but are being asked to continue to make money for the company. We were just called into a meeting and were told that if upper management found out that we weren’t taking calls or working on our pipeline that they would fire us immediate and make us leave without severance. It was already established that if we leave prior to our end work date which mine is jan. 15th, that we would not receive any severance regardless how long you had been with the company. Washington mutual says it’s core company values are CARING, FAIR, HUMAN, DYNAMIC, AND DRIVEN. I can’t say I’ve seen that from upper managment! All I know is what goes around comes around, and I’ve seen other major lenders treat they’re employees this way and they are no longer in business.

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