Miss Maggie…a little gift from heaven

1 07 2007

I decided it was time to become a two kitty family again, so Mason & I went to the Oregon Humane Society yesterday to adopt a kitty. My intention was to find a kitten, but no such luck. It was 2pm & 10 kittens had been adopted out since 10am. No kittens left. There was an overwhelming number of older kitties, so I decided to look around to see if anyone “spoke” to me. Sure enough, tucked way back in a corner , I saw this little kitty and thought, well, maybe…Her bio said she was 2 years old & she’d been exposed to other kitties & small children. Maybe this little kitty would be able to handle our other cat Frisco as well as Mason. This could be the perfect fit! Mason & I took her out & played with her for a while in the kitty playroom. She was so gentle & sweet and had to be the most affectionate, mellow kitty I’d ever encountered. My heart sang – I was in love. We brought her home that afternoon & she’s made herself quite comfortable. It’s like she’s always been here. She’s a beautiful kitty with lots of love to give. Miss Maggie.


bg-ii.jpg bg-iii.jpg


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3 responses

2 07 2007

Beautiful cat. And I like the other cat / son comparison!

5 07 2007
Jay Thompson

Holy cow, what do you feed that orange tabby? That thing is HUGE!

Good for you for adopting an adult cat!!

20 04 2008
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